Welcome to PixelRaiders

Hi there! Welcome to PixelRaiders. PixelRaiders is an online text based MMORPG. This was developed mainly to whet my appetite for coding, and playing classic text-based web games.

I hope you enjoy playing this game. Feel free to contact me on the Discord if you have any questions or queries. Have fun!

Much Loves! TheMeq Heart

Discord Logins

Posted by PixelRaiders
3 years ago.

We do not handle any user information on this site as you authenticate with your discord account. The only thing we store that is personal to you is your Discord Identifier (which is open to anyone).

You do not need to join the PixelRaiders discord to play, but feel free to join us if you haven't already by clicking this link: Click Here! Have fun!


Posted by PixelRaiders
3 years ago.

Welcome to Pixel Raiders. A new text-based MMORPG!

Please feel free to support this project by buying me a coffee!